Let Them Eat Cake!

Who loves watching a baby figure out if they're going to LOVE the sugary sweet smooshy thing in front of them, or if they hate having their hands covered in icing and have a small GET THIS STUFF OF ME RIGHT NOW meltdown? Hint - I do! And I get to click pics of the whole experience. Win! Cake smashes are the ultimate photo session for little ones approaching their first birthday. They're one of my favorite sessions to shoot!

The key "prop" in cake smash sessions are.....you guessed it, Cake! I work with my clients on cute cake ideas that will match the theme for the session. Can you believe that this gorgeous nude cake was from H-E-B? You don't have to spend a fortune for a cake that's just going to end up getting crumbled up. You'll find that most photographers (including me) ask that the client supplies the cake. It's not because we're lazy or can't bake (in my case, I definitely can't bake) but for liability issues. We can't risk putting something in the cake that baby may be allergic to - that would just be awful. That's why I work with my clients to refer them to local quality bakeries that can bring their cake design to life that is SAFE and wont cost a fortune.

Don't want to use a cake for the cake smash session? Some other cute ideas are cupcakes, donuts, and pies. Or you can go the savory route: taco smash, spaghetti, or pancakes!

If you have a little one nearing their first birthday, let's chat and plan a cake smash session! Contact me here.